FAST General FAQ

When is the application due?

How long will this take to complete? Do I have to complete this application at one time?

What if my child(ren)'s other biological parent and I do not live in the same household?

What if Family 2 does not receive the invitation or is not cooperative in completing the application?

What if I don't understand how I should answer a question?

I filled in most of the page before I quit, but when I went back into the program the information was gone. What happened?

I need to explain something about our assets. How do I do that?

I have a Section 125 Plan and have pre-tax money withheld. Do I have to include that when I list my W2 income?

What papers will I need to send?

What if I do not file taxes?

What do International families submit documentation-wise, since they cannot provide US taxes?

I am receiving an error message that the server has been blocked due to an extension with a sad face while using Chrome. What can I do?

My screen says "Cookies must be enabled." What on Earth does that mean?

Will I be spammed?

I forgot my password. What should I do?

What are the accepted payment methods?

I'm having problems paying for my application. What do I do?

I need to apply to more than one school. How do I do this?

What if I made a mistake?

What happens after I have submitted the application?

I've sent my taxes, but haven't heard anything. How do I find out if they were received?

Why didn't I receive more financial aid?

Who can see my information?

Contact Us

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Phone: 1-877-326-3278. Our call center is open 24/7.

Please note that response time may take up to 24 hours. Weekend inquiries will not be responded to until Monday or the next business day if a holiday.